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The Anatomy of a Spinal Bone

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The Anatomy of a Spinal BoneThe main focus in our office is your Spinal Bone, because of its relationship with your nervous system. The Spinal Bone is made up of 26 bones, called vertebrae,which protect and support important body parts and help you maintain your posture.

A single Spinal Bone is made up of these parts:

1. Vertebral body: The large part of the vertebra that
supports the weight of your body.
2. Intervertebral disk: Located between vertebral
bodies,it acts as a cushion to keep bones from rubbing
against one another.
3. Facet joint: Keeps the spine stable, connecting the
individual vertebra.
4. Spinous and transverse processes: Jut out from
the sides of the vertebral body and attach to muscles.
5. Pedicle: Small area of bone that extends from each
side of the vertebral body. It lies between the back of
the vertebral body and the transverse process.
6. Lamina: The part of the vertebra that connects the
spinous process and the transverse process.
Damage or interference to any part of the vertebra can
result in pain and a compromised nervous system. The
spinal checkup we perform can identify abnormalities we
can address to restore proper function

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