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Is One Leg Shorter Than the Other?

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One Leg ShorterChiropractors perform diagnostic examinations to understand what’s
going on with your body’s biomechanics. Determining that one leg is
shorter than the other or that one side of your body weighs more helps the
doctor to understand what’s happening in your neck, spine, or hips. Our
chiropractors can use that information to deliver the exact adjustment your body needs.


Spinal problems can cause uneven weight distribution that affects your balance and posture. Some chiropractors use bilateral weight scales (two scales side-by-side) to determine whether a patient’s weight is even on both sides. If a problem in your neck is causing your head to shift to the right, your right side will be heavier.

A leg length check can determine if one leg is shorter than the other. Maybe a hip is out of alignment. Or maybe nerve interference in your lower back is causing the appearance of a short (contracted) leg. Adjusting the hip or lower back moves bones back into proper position, relieves nerve pressure, and corrects the shorter leg so that both legs are even.

Look in the mirror. Does your body look straight or are you tilted to one side? Is one pants leg longer than the other? A simple adjustment may be all you need to correct that. Why not call and make an appointment? We deliver precise adjustments and peace of mind.

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