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spinal adjustmentWhen it comes to chiropractic, one of the most commonly used and prescribed treatments is a spinal adjustment.The spinal cord in the human body is composed of 24 bones or vertebrae, all of which play a huge role in the human body’s nervous system. When one of these vertebrae are out of position, inflamed, or impacted, it can leave an individual feeling that pain.

The purpose of a spinal adjustment is to realign these 24 vertebrae so that the human body’s nervous system operates as intended. Having a normalized spinal function can mean the difference between feeling amazing every day and getting headaches, neck pain, or even lower back pain.

The spinal adjustment itself is when the chiropractor carefully targets an area of the back and spine using a specific amount of force, applies pressure and directional force to fixate and realign the area. Most people often attribute this chiropractic treating to the “popping” sound, This is caused by small pockets of air or bubbles, which are in the fluid that surrounds your joints. that many people talk about, including pop culture. While some patients may hear a sound during the spinal adjustment, it’s 100% normal. As any loyal patient in chiropractic would say, it’s 100% pain-free, harmless, and effective. You can schedule a spinal adjustment for your lunch break and be done within 15-30 minutes!

chiropractic spinal adjustment>There are differnet types of spinal adjustments!

  • High Velocity Spinal Adjustments

This form of spinal adjustment is considered the more “traditional” route. Here, a chiropractor will use manual therapy, or a designated piece of equipment, to apply a strong force to the patient’s target joint. At the same time, the neck and head are perfectly aligned – ensuring the perfect angle.

  • Low Force Spinal Adjustments

If you are a bit nervous to undergo a spinal adjustment for the first time, you may wish to undergo a low force spinal adjustment. This is considered more “low-key”. Here, chiropractors use minimal force, resulting in a softer, more relaxing experience.


  1. Remove headaches
  2. Eliminate neck pain or back pain
  3. Regulate blood pressure
  4. Improve brain cognition skills
  5. Rid the body of inflammation

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For Wesley Chapel patients that are suffering from back pain, a spinal adjustment may just be the chiropractic treatment you have been looking for. Before you can undergo your first treatment, it’s recommended to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jeff. This way, we can perform the proper testing to ensure that a spinal adjustment is the possible treatment for you. So, if you are ready to live a pain-free life and love your life, give us a call today at (813)296-5719 or book your appointment online!

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