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Chiropractor Back Adjustment

In most cases, people have heard of a chiropractic adjustment and attributed it to the “popping” sounds that you often hear about. While some patients may experience that “popping” sound, chiropractic adjustments are quite simple, in nature.

A chiropractic adjustment is when a chiropractor uses a specific amount of force to rotate or manipulate a specific area in a direction that supports and normalizes spinal function. When an individual is experiencing certain conditions in the body, such as a headache, back pain, or neck pain, it’s typically due to a problem in the spine.

You see, there are 24 bones in the spinal cord and, when these lose positioning, the nerve tissue can become irritated, inflamed, or pressured, causing an individual to feel that pressure somewhere in their body, whether it be their head, back, neck, or even their feet. Through the use of chiropractic adjustments, a chiropractor, over time, can significantly help alleviate the pain and condition.

Today, millions of patients around the United States alone undergo chiropractic adjustments in efforts to avoid taking drugs or undergoing surgery. Chiropractic adjustments are a health-conscious technique to promote the natural healing of the human body.

Every chiropractic adjustment is always tailored to each individual patient at Wesley Chapel Chiropractic. 

Chiropractic Adjustment Methods and More!

chiropractor back adjustment

When it comes to chiropractic adjustments, there are wide variety of methods and techniques utilized by chiropractors. Evidently, every single adjustments is naturally different - as every single patient is suffering or experiencing a different degree and type of pain. At Wesley Chapel Chiropractic, we either opt for a manual technique, where the chiropractor uses their hands, or a chiropractic adjustment tool or instrument. Both are effective techniques to deliver an accurate thrust to a targeted joint that's "locked up" or not operating as intended. While chiropractors may opt for different techniques - what remains true is the goal of chiropractic adjustments: normalizing spinal function and joint mobility. 

In our office, every single chiropractic adjustment is uniquely tailored, depending upon size, age, spinal problems, health records, and so much more. Now, you might be wondering, "age"? Yes, chiropractic adjustments have been proven effective and safe for newborns, children, teenagers, and senior citizens. Just about anyone can undergo this type of chiropractic therapy as it can help repair damage and even help babies learn to walk!

10 Quick Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments

  1. Reduce High Blood Pressure
  2. Reduce Neck Pain
  3. Reduce Back Pain
  4. Treat Scoliosis
  5. Reduce Inflammation
  6. Eliminate Headaches
  7. Improved Joint Mobility
  8. Decreased Degeneration of Joints/Discs
  9. Loosens muscles, reducing the risk of injury
  10. Improves Cognition

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