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Before you consider surgery for that nagging shoulder injury

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shoulder injuryBefore you consider surgical options to your shoulder pain, come visit with your Physician. If we find you need surgery for your shoulder injury, we’ll be the first to tell you, but so many times, you have a Locked-Up Shoulder, and that equals debilitating pain!

At Wesley chapel, we use what we call Progressive Rehab, an approach that can correct so many problems when traditional methods fail.

We start with muscle release to unwind shoulder knots, restore power, unlock stiff joints and free trapped nerves.

We then combine with Chiropractic adjustments to unlock he bones and joints in the back, neck, and shoulders.

Next, we implement advance stretching techniques to get you more limber and loose so you heal faster and stay that way longer even without us.

We mix in soothing therapies to squelch the hurt, calm injured, aching tissues and reduce painful swelling fast.

Finally, we re-tool, re balance and rehab the weak areas so they don’t fall right back into the same painful bad habits of movement.

Here is one testimonial from Bob Conway, a Patient – “If I laid on my arm, my shoulder would lock in that position. I could hardly get my wallet out of my back pocket and couldn’t play catch with my kids. I thought I needed surgery. After the first treatment, I was throwing at 70%. After 3 treatments, I am now PAIN FREE!”

So it’s time for YOU to get out of pain from simple activities like swinging a golf club, throwing a ball, or even shaking hands! Call Wesley chapel today to schedule your shoulder pain evaluation and get back to your active life!

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