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Do You Need an Auto Accident Injury Chiropractor?

  • auto accident injury chiropractor

  • auto accident chiropractor

Auto accident injury chiropractors are experts at the bio-mechanics (movement) of the spine. Injuries sustained in auto accidents, such as whiplash, disrupt the normal motion of the spine. If these injuries are not treated and rehabilitated properly, they can lead to long term problems down the road. Only auto accident injury chiropractors are trained at fully correcting this type of injury. That is why it is so important that you see a chiropractor as soon as possible after an auto accident.

Symptoms Related to Car Accidents

Symptoms related to auto injuries can be misleading. Our auto accident injury chiropractors are highly skilled at diagnosing and detecting auto-related injuries that may not have symptoms right away. What many patients may not know is that, after a car accident, any pain symptoms can take up to 48-hours to show. This is why it’s so incredibly important to get checked out as quickly as possible. This way, together, we can figure out exactly what’s happening. Our chiropractic office in Wesley Chapel will work closely with any other doctors you are seeing to make sure you receive comprehensive treatment and auto injury chiropractic care for all of your injuries.

Chiropractic Study Shows How Effective Chiropractic Care Is

Several studies conducted by both the Canadian and American governments have shown chiropractic care to be the most effective treatment and auto injury chiropractic care. The sooner you seek auto accident injury treatment, the better your chances are for a full recovery.


Your first appointment will start with a consultation with our in-house auto accident injury doctor. During your initial consultation, you will discuss the details of the accident and any symptoms you are experiencing. Typically, the auto accident injury doctor will ask a list of questions to better understand previous health problems and to help in developing the treatment options.

You will then be given a thorough exam to determine the extent of your injuries. This exam will include any necessary diagnostic testing, such as x-rays.

After your exam, if no additional testing is needed, the auto accident injury chiropractor will want to begin accident care chiropractic treatments right away so you can start feeling better as quickly as possible. The doctor will also share home-care instructions, as well as any medical support or additional medical referrals if determined by your exam.

Before leaving our Wesley Chapel chiropractic office on your first day, we will schedule a follow-up visit in one-to-two weeks so we can reassess and potentially continue treatment.


  • Your Auto Insurance Card
  • Your Claim Number
  • Your Health Insurance Card
  • Your Attorney Info, if applicable
  • Any Medical Records In Your Possession Related to the Accident
  • Photo ID

In Florida, you have only 14 days after an auto accident to be examined by a healthcare professional or risk losing any compensation you may be entitled to from the personal injury protection (PIP) insurance policy every Florida motorist is required to carry.

5 Myths About Auto Accidents & Injuries

MYTH: There was no damage to the car and the air bag didn’t go off,
so I must be okay.

FACT: It only takes a 3 MPH collision to cause damage to your spine. The truth here is that you may experience no symptoms for weeks or months.

MYTH: I went to the hospital and they said I was fine.
FACT: Emergency room staff are not trained to look for and treat the soft tissue injuries of a car accident. They are concerned with life-threatening emergencies. If there are no broken bones and no bleeding, you are “fine” in their eyes. Chiropractors are specialists highly trained in treating soft tissue injuries related to auto accidents.
MYTH: It was my fault, so if I get treatment for my injuries I won’t be covered and will end up with big doctor bills.
FACT: Florida auto insurance policies cover medical treatment for your injuries regardless of who is at fault.
MYTH: If I make a claim to get medical treatment my premiums will go up.
FACT: Unlike a collision claim, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claims are not tied to your premiums. This is insurance you have paid for to protect you after an accident and it is your right to use it.
MYTH: Nothing hurts, I don’t need treatment.

FACT:That may be, but there may be subtle damage that, if treated correctly now, may prevent big problems in the future. The only way to know for sure is to make an appointment with us today.


When it comes to health, many people often have faulty thoughts – preventing them from seeking the help that they need. Whether you have recently been in an auto accident or not, the human body is NOT meant to be in pain. So, no matter what the causal agent maybe, if you are suffering from any type of pain, visiting a trained professional is imperative.

Here are 4 dangerous thoughts that many people after about their health. Do you? Maybe it will go away It comes and goes It’s not that bad My doctor couldn’t find anything wrong

  • Maybe it will go away
  • It comes and goes
  • It’s not that bad
  • My doctor couldn’t find anything wrong

If you do, it’s time to give Wesley Chapel Chiropractic a call. Schedule your consultation and let’s figure out what’s happening so you can finally live and love your life, once again!

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